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Measure developer performance

Objectively measure performance. Improve performance. Reward performance.


Objectively measure your performance in one place. Improve your performance. Get rewarded for your performance.


Objectively measure the performance of your developers. Make data driven decisions when managing performance. Have data showing your impact as a manager.


Have an objective bird’s eye view on all of your employee’s performance. Make data driven organisational decisions. Reward the right employees.

Monitor performance

No manual input of data

Connect your stack and let us do the rest.Performance data will be stored in one master dashboard

Performance data that tells a holistic story

Always have the necessary contexual data to help your data tell a story

100% portable

Carry your performance data with you and use it to get your next job or opportunity

Improve performance

Always have up to date performance data.

Get real time and historical performance data.

Discover trends

Discover previously hidden relationships between multiple performance metrics

Make data driven decisions

Always have data that shows you where and how you should improve your performance

Reward performance

Have strengths recognised

Share data that highlights strengths during performance reviews.

Objective data

Avoid the hassle of having to remember work done through out the year or being judged on how visible you are. Have the data speak for itself.

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Frequently asked questions

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I don't see metrics here that are relevant to me, can I still use this?

Can I create my own metrics?

Can I give my manager access to specific metrics?

I’m a freelancer, can I still use this product?

I would like to use this product at work but I need the permission of HR to integrate with my work tools, how can I do this?