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Personal performance management tool

Measure, manage and improve your performance in real time

Measure your performance in real time

Connect your stack

Works with software you use

We passively collect data by integrating with different software applications you use for work.

Select metrics relevant to you

Different roles come with different metrics. Choose the metrics that are most aligned with your role and what you would like to measure.

Privacy-first & secure by design

The data is 100% private and can only be seen by you.

Visualise your data

View your performance in real time

Get real time and historical data on your performance.

Activity and progress summaries

We let you know how close you are to your goals and forecast the outcome of your performance in relation to your goals.

Insights and performance highlights

We help you learn more about yourself by breaking down what drives your performance and why.

Improve your performance

Automatically adjusted goals

We help you improve by adjusting your goals based on your previous performance.

Tips & Tricks to hit your goals

We flag when you are on or off track and provide helpful hints and tricks to improve your performance.

Retrospective prompts

We provide retrospective interactive prompts to help you learn more about yourself and better manage your performance.